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The ethos of the Black Cat Academy is to introduce the new archer to the 3 main forms of archery with no bias to any shooting style. The archer is free to decide which style of archery suits them best.

The lessons will be taught with a maximum student to teacher ratio of 4:1.

All equipment will be provided by Black Cat Archery, however as this is primarily an outdoor sport it is advisable to dress for the prevailing conditions. (eg. Loose clothing should be avoided)

The main course for the novice archer comprises four 2-hour lessons during which the archer will be introduced to the 3 main Styles of archery.

Lesson 1 will comprise an introduction to archery, safety, equipment and terms. During this lesson the archer will use a ‘bare’ bow and archer is taught to shoot instinctively without the use of sights or aiming points in the style of a medieval archer. The lesson will finish with some medieval style shooting games on our field range.

Lesson 2 is where the archer moves forward in time to the re-curve target bow. The main thrust of this lesson is accuracy and consistency using the point of aim style of shooting. The archer will progress from a simple takedown re-curve bow to an Olympic style target bow. The lesson will finish with some target scoring games or some woodland shooting.

Lesson 3 completes the journey through archery with the compound-hunting bow. The archer is taught how to set up the bow and its sights to achieve the most accurate form of archery. The lesson will finish ‘hunting’ our lifelike 3D targets in our woodland range.

Lesson 4 is the archers’ choice. You decide which form of archery is your favourite and we will consolidate that style within the Woodland or Target Range in a competitive environment.

On completion of the 8 hour course the archer will have a firm foundation in archery safety, etiquette and terms.

Two Hour Introductory

We will also provide a 2-hour introductory course. This is a taster session during which you can see if archery is the sport for you. If you decide to continue with archery we will provide the above course substituting one of the lessons from the course.

8 Hour Longbow Training

We also offer for those specifically interested in a 4 x 2 hour Medieval longbow course.  Here you are taught to shoot the longbow as was defined in the medieval times.  This course is intensive but so much fun and history added for the contextual significance.

Also review the College Of Chivalry site if you are into re-enactment. Click Here

12 Weeks Medieval Knights Basic Training

The College of Chivalry provides Knight training at Black Cat Archery.  There is a limited number of spaces on each years course.  If you book from the booking form, you will be contacted for further information and to verify that your application has been successful.  This is an exciting and exhilarating added element to the Academy.  You will be expected to join our band of brothers and participate in the College’s shows.  So much fun!  

"Having just completed the 8 hour introductory course I would say that the course is informative, sensitively delivered and gives a novice a good variety of experiences upon which they can further develop their interest in archery, along the lines that best suit them. An ideal first step." Ian Grice

Four Week Introduction to Archery