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Our facilities are open to the public and we are not bound by any club rules.  We operate like a golf club, available to the public when open.  We do however expect those people who want to turn up and shoot to be able to shoot, if not we will have to provide some basic training.  This usually needs advance notice.

3D Field archery Range:

This range has been established in our woodland for a number of years and we continually update the layout and change the challenge of the course to keep our archers on their toes.

Target Archery Range:

This range is marked out on our field in 10 yards and meters increments.  For those who want to specialise in Olympic target shooting this range is ideal with a maximum distance available of 100 meters.


Does not sound like too much, but in the field you can explore all aspects of archery from clout shooting through to out and out distance shooting.

Covered Range:

Our covered shooting range is primarily used for training and warm up shooting and it has had multiples roles over the years including a disco, pub, live music venue and now Air Pistols

Air Rifle Range:

We have dedicated a proportion of our woodland to provide 3 lane air rifle shooting, with distance up to 50 meters.

Air Pistol Range:

Our covered range is also used for the air pistol enthusiasts amongst you.

Knight Training:

We provide the venue for The College of Chivalry, there training takes place most Saturdays and make use of the covered range and the field.

Medieval Longbow:

The College has a Medieval Longbow section.  Primarily for the re-enactors amongst us.  See Clubs Section.

For Hire BBQ:

We currently have for hire a BBQ, charcoal burning, which will soon be replaced with a gas version.  The BBQ can be hired out for parties making use of our other facilities.

Tea Shed

And of course we have our communal tea shed for all clubs and users to enjoy.

Wheelchair Friendly:

The range is wheelchair friendly, not purfect but friendly and we also have permanently on site a disable loo available for all visitors.


Soon we are hoping to have some basic goods available on site for the archers and for the Air Rifles etc.  At  present our retail activities are on-line at

Fire Arms Dealer:

Black cat Archery has a Fire Arms Dealer Certificate, so we can sell you firearms and ammunition.  Our intent is to service the air rifles and pistols but we are not limited in our ability to supply.

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