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Here we will discuss safety.

Archery is a sport born out of one the most effective killing devices created by man. In a recent league of most deadly weapons, man himself topped the the list followed by the Kalashnikov AK47 automatic rifle and in third place came the bow and arrow.

There will be a few pages on the subject of safety and they are as follows:

1. Commands and Areas

2. Shooting Rules

3. Arrow Retrieval

4. Range Layout

5. Control of Shooting and Group Handling

6. Working with children

7. Child protection and Abuse

Archery must always be properly organised with a competent person in charge at all times. The safety rules and commands are designed to try and ensure safe shooting takes place, but the rules are basically common sense.

At all times at the beginning of a shoot checks should be made for long hair, jewellery (specifically facial and body piercing), baggy clothing and anything else that can be tangled in the equipment, thereafter the safety rules apply.


Waiting Area

Is behind the waiting area line. This area is designated as an area for archer to be safe and also sufficiently away from the shooting line as to not distract the archer about to shoot.

Shooting Range

Is the hazardous area that is only entered with permission and with clear acknowledgement from fellow archers who are using the range.

Wait for Instruction

Where the range is managed by a range or field captain, archers must follows the captain’s instructions.

Manage your equipment

Only handle your equipment when it is safe and appropriate to do so. Never have your arrow on the string until you are ready to shoot on the shooting line.


Recognised in all archery related activities as a stop ALL activity command.

Only draw a bow on the shooting line - no where else, and only in the direction of the target

Quiet behind the shooting line

Never shout or talk loudly to anyone who is on the shooting or the waiting area.

Respect equipment

And each other, prodding or pointing arrows or bow limbs could cause serious injury.

Only go forward with the express permission of the range or field captain.

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